WordPress integration

Download: KeyShieldSSO_WordPress_integration_0.pdf Date: 20/2/2015 Version: 1.0.2 Tags: Administrator manual

How to install KeyShield SSO Integration to WordPress and make it working together

System requirements

  • WordPress 3+
  • php modules “curl” and “json” -If you install the modules, don’t forget to restart your web server.
  • connection to KeyShield SSO server


1. Log in to your WordPress as Administrator 2. In the left menu click to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload 3. Select the file kshield-wordpress-src-1.0.x.zip and click to “Install Now” 4. On the next page click to Activate Plugin 5. Now configure the plugin. In the left menu click to Settings -> KeyShield SSO Authentication

Configuration fields

  • KeyShield SSO server URL (required) – The address of your KeyShield SSO server
  • KeyShield SSO API Key (optional) – Required only if it’s configured on your KeyShield SSO server.
  • Username attribute (optional) – Specify the LDAP attribute used as a username. If it’s not specified, the attribute configured on your KeyShield SSO server is used.
  • Auto create new user account? – If this is selected, users are automatically registered.
  • Set role of new account to – The role of automaticaly registred users. User roles can be later changed by Administrator.
Finally, click on Update Options

Known Issues

Passwords of automaticaly registred users by KeyShield SSO are randomly generated. If these users want to login also without KeyShield SSO, they should change their passwords.