everything HelpDesk 10 by GroupLink integration

Download: GroupLink_eHelpDesk10_integration_guide_EN.pdf

Date: 24/4/2013

Version: 1.2

Tags: system integrator documentation


This document describes integration of WSTrsut and everything HelpDesk by GroupLink.


  • Installed and running WSTrust Server.
  • Installed and running everything HelpDesk, version 10
  • Both WSTrust and eHelpDesk must use same LDAP tree with same base DN set.


There is comfortable installation script available for installation on Linux platform. You must assign “run” permissions for installation script file inst_wstrust_ehelpdesk_10-1.2.bin (e.g., chmod + x inst_wstrust_ehelpdesk_10-1.2.bin) and run it (./inst_wstrust_ehelpdesk_10-1.2.bin). Script must be run on the server where the everything HelpDesk 10 is installed.

Than follow installation script instructions:

Enter or confirm your everything HelpDesk tomcat directory (default path is /usr/local/GroupLink/everything_HelpDesk/tomcat).

Enter or confirm your everything HelpDesk tomcat/webapp/ subdirectory name (default name is ehelpdesk).

Enter or confirm IP address and port where the server part of WSTrust is available (default address is

Now the information about successful connection to the WSTrust server should be displayed. Than the installation is done and You have to restart everything HelpDesk service (typically by running /etc/init.d/GLtomcat restart).