Novell Data Synchronizer

Download: WSTrust_DataSync_Integration_en.pdf Date: 1/7/2012 Version: 1.0 Tags: Documentation

How to install WSTrust Integration to Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack

System requirements

You must have installed and running
  • WSTrust server part
  • Novell Data Synchronizer 1.2


There is a comfortable installation script available for installation on Linux platform. You must assign “run” permissions to the installation script file inst_wstrust_datasync_1.0.bin (e.g., chmod + x inst_wstrust_datasync_1.0.bin) and run it (./inst_wstrust_datasync_1.0.bin). Script must be run on the server where the Data Synchronizer is installed. Installation script instructions:
  • Enter or confirm the path to the folder of Data Synchronizer (default path is /opt/novell/datasync).


Integration is not configured after the installation, so, you must authenticate to the web interface of Novell Data Synchronizer with administrator rights. Simply use built-in admin user. Go to the Manage Global Settings section where is WSTrust setting page added – see picture below. datasync-01.png Here you have to enter IP address or URL or your WSTrust server together with the port (8485 is a default port). Check box Enable WSTrust SSO integration must be checked, otherwise integration is not active. New setting has to be confirmed/stored by clicking on Save WSTrust Settings button. Integration is now ready to use.

Note – Novell Data Synchronizer and WSTrust server must use same directory (with eDir, you can use different instances of a LDAP server but both have to use same directory tree)