Download: WSTrust_Squid_integration_EN.pdf Date: 11/10/2012 Version: 1.2.1 Tags: Documentation _WSTrustSQUID_schema.png

How to install WSTrust Integration to Squid and make it working together

System requirements

You must have installed and running
  • WSTrust server part
  • Squid 2.7
  • libwww perl module (on the server where the Squid is installed)


There is comfortable installation script available for installation on Linux platform. You must assign “run” permissions for installation script file inst_wstrust_squid_1.2.1.bin (e.g. chmod + x inst_wstrust_squid_1.2.1.bin) and run it (./inst_wstrust_squid_1.2.1.bin). Script must be run on the server where the Squid is installed. Than follow installation script instructions:
  • Enter or confirm IP address and port where the server part of WSTrust is available (default address is
  • Enter or confirm LDAP server URL (e.g. ldaps://
  • Enter the DN and password of user which will be used for LDAP searching. You need to create this user with sufficient permissions to search for user objects and to query group membership. Search user DN will be stored in /etc/squid/wstrust_acl.conf and password in /etc/squid/wstrust_ldap_pass. We recommend you create special user for this – e.g. cn=wstrust_search,o=your_org or cn=wstrust_search,cn=Users,dc=your_domain,dc=local
  • Enter or confirm LDAP user search base container (e.g. o=org)
  • Enter or confirm LDAP group DN for users with full internet access (cn=FullInternetAccess,o=org)
  • Enter or confirm LDAP group DN for users with limited internet access (cn=LimitedInternetAccess,o=org)
Now you have to apply Squid configuration either from install script or anytime later by running squid -k reconfigure).