New feature released! – Try out script for SmarterMail!

The script logs users into SmarterMail regardless of whether they have a SmarterMail account created manually with an arbitrary password or synchronized with LDAP. Nothing is configured or installed on the SmarterMail server side. However, the SmarterMail administrator will save their SmarterMail admin credentials in this script.

The script works as follows:

  1. The server running this script communicates with the KeyShield SSO server.
  2. If the user is authenticated with KeyShield, the PHP server running this script logs in as an administrator to SmarterMail
  3. The PHP server gets a URL from the SmarterMail server, which the selected (KeyShield SSO authenticated) user uses to log in
  4. The script redirects the user to this URL and the user is logged in

You can try to use the script yourself. Get it here with helpful comments for smooth implementing.