HWToken Library documentation


Driver for Authentec RFID reader
basic - only sends card ID when card was detected, doesn't provide card removal event and doesn't allow to read currently present card ID

Tested with cheap Chinese 125Khz RFID reader (keyboard emulation) - the device shows in Windows as Authentec USBVID_08FF&PID_0009&REV_0008
We created WINUSB driver to register reader as RFID reader and not as a keyboard ... then dev_authentec uses WINUSB API to read device input so it doesn't send keystrokes to applications




Library parameters:

raw - return card id as returned by the reader without additional encoding, if raw parameter is not specified


Driver for pcProx readers - uses pcProx SDK and should therefore work with most pcProx readers 125Khz RFID and 13.56MHz MIFARE, even dual readers, that support both frequencies
advanced/active - allows to poll card id so card removal is detected and card already present in the reader when KeyShield SSO client starts can also be detected

tested with:
pcProx® Plus RDR-80581AKU - dual reader
pcProx® RDR-7581AKU - 13.56MHz MIFARE reader
pcProx® RDR-6E82AKU - 125Khz RFID reader

use pcproxcfg configuration utlity and configuration files to configure reader to work correctly with KeyShield SSO

pcproxcfg package and pcProx configuration utility



Driver for contactless 13.56MHz readers using windows SCARD API

advanced/active - uses windows SCARD API to detect card present/removed events and read card ID using PC/SC specific APDU FF CA 00 00 00 which should work for most contactless MIFARE cards

Note: SCARD API is only general interface for communication with reader device. Basically sending commands and receiving responses from reader or driver. Communication protocol differs depending on card used and/or applications running on the card. For some classes of card such as MIFARE it's possible to use single command to read card unique ID, but for most contact cards commands are different for each manufacturer.


Driver for Gigatek Promag PCR300A (125Khz RFID)
may also work with Promag PCR300M (13.56MHz MIFARE)

advanced/passive - doesn't allow for application to read card id, it only sends the id when card was detected, it also sends card removal event


SCARD API driver for Gemalto Gemplus (contact) smart card (AID A000000018434D00) - shoud work with most smart card readers
tested with HP USB SmartCard CCID Keyboard Model No. KUS1206, Dell Smart Card Reader Keyboard Model No. SK3106, OmniKey 5321 reader


Reader simulator - used for testing hwtoken function without real card/token reader. Will read dev_test.cfg from same directory where dev_test.dll is located (KeyShield SSO client installation directory). dev_test.cfg is a simple text file containing user names for four simulated users - each username on separate line. When initialized, dev_test creates dialog box with four buttons with card id/user name (depending on contents of dev_test.cfg) and Remove button for simulating card removal. Pressing user 1-4 button will simulate card

Card IDs for users 1 - 4 are fixed 00FC9C31411000000, 00FC9B41522000000, 00FC9D51633000000 and 00FC9E77444000000.

example dev_test.cfg


Library parameters:

basic - turns off card remove events for basic reader (such as Authentec RFID) emulation
minimized - show the dialog minimized