Single Sign On with us - just Click-in instead of Authenticate-in
ID Integrated Data, a leading IT systems solution provider in Geneva, Switzerland has chosen KeyShield SSO as a best of breed single-signon solution for quick and easy authentication to Novell Filr and Vibe

Dianne Little Goriup, ID Integrated Data SA

We had been looking for a single sign-on solution for staff logins that was affordable, easy to install, easy to manage, and which would work across a variety of platforms and operating systems. After consultation with BCNS they recommended KeyShield SSO ticked all the boxes. The support we have received from KeyShield on integration with our existing products has been fantastic. We are now formulating a plan to roll out KeyShield to all of our student PCs so that they can gain the same benefits from a single sign-on solution.

Brian Higgins, City of Glasgow College

Gone are the days of users having to remember multiple usernames and passwords, the implementation of KeyShield SSO as a single sign-on solution has been fantastic.

Stuart Thomas, Coleg Sir Gar, Carmarthenshire

Integrated Applications

Virtually any application, any client/server system can be integrated with KeyShield SSO to gain SSO functionality. List of integrated applications is available at Integrations section. The principle of KeyShield SSO integration is very simple to implement - when application server get a connection request, it ask KeyShield SSO server about the origin IP address. The response is fdn within one of configured directories (eDirectory, ActiveDirectory, LDAP) or "unknown".

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KeyShield SSO concept is designed for any client platform from the beginning. Curently we provide SSO functionality for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

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Server Side

KeyShield SSO server is a pure enterprise JAVA application. It can run virtually on any JAVA enabled platform. Full support is available for Linux and Windows incl windows XP workstation for small installations. Both platforms can be virtualized and there are no known interactions with other systems

Network Environment

KeyShield SSO communication protocol is configurable to wide range of networks from small companies to large corporations with many subsidiaries with different quality of connection. One KeyShield SSO server can be configured to eDirectory, ActiveDirectory and LDAP simultaneously.